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We are residents from abroad living in Lombok. We come from Australia, Germany, Italy, France, China, New Zealand, Holland and Poland… What do we have in common? We love Lombok and we want you to explore it.
Although the series of earthquakes that hit our island in August still are in our mind, as a community we became stronger and we want you to discover the beauty of this island. Read more >

Lombok Go Ahead! Come and join our paradise

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Lombok Go Ahead - who we are?

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Outdoor activities in Lombok #4
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Outdoor activities - Lombok Go Ahead
Outdoor activities
Romantic Gateway - Lombok Go Ahead
Romantic Gateway
Family time - Lombok Go Ahead
Family Time
For body & soul - Lombok Go Ahead
For body & soul
Water Sports - Lombok Go Ahead
Water Sports
Food & Fun - Lombok Go Ahead
Food & Fun
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Keep the waves in Lombok

Keep the waves in Lombok!

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