We are residents from abroad living in Lombok. We come from Australia, Germany, Italy, France, China, New Zealand, Holland and Poland… What do we have in common? We love Lombok and we want you to explore it.

Although the series of earthquakes that hit our island in August still are in our mind, as a community we became stronger and we want you to discover the beauty of this island.

Unfortunately, the media reporting recent events built the unreal image of the island as totally devastated. In fact only 20% of Lombok has suffered and kind of damage which is concentrated around the north and North-West Lombok.

Thanks to immediate help from all the world and Indonesian government and residents, both local and foreigner, the emergency support has been delivered to all regions that needed the initial support.

Lombok Go Ahead is our way to show you and prove through video that our island deserves to be discovered! We made it by ourselves showing you how Lombok can be discovered through relaxation, serenity or at a extreme level.

The idea of Lombok Go Ahead comes from Tomasz and Alicja from Scuba Froggy Dive Center. It includes the video production taken in places which are open for visitors and activities available now, even 3-4 weeks after the earthquakes.

Come and join our Paradise. Lombok, Go Ahead!

Project Contributors - Lombok Go Ahead