Discover Lombok’s Autore Pearl Farm Tours and Showroom Teluk Nara

Autore Pearl Farm Tours

Out of the many things Lombok is famous for something stands out: the outstanding quality of its South Sea Pearls that our farmed in the waters around the island. The South Sea Pearl is known as ‘The Queen of Pearls,’ and is the most sought after pearl type.

In North Lombok just 30 minutes from Senggigi, lies a pearl farm owned by one of the world’s top five largest pearl companies – Autore of Sydney, Australia, founded in 1991 by Rosario Autore and pearl farming since 1996.

Autore distributes loose pearls and manufactures and distributes worldwide exquisite pearl jewelry in imaginative and delicate settings.

One of seven production sites in Indonesia, the world’s largest South Sea Pearl producing country, the farm produces and harvests from living oysters the world renowned, finest quality, South Sea Pearls which grow only in the warm waters of Indonesia, Australia, the Philippines and the Pacific Islands.

Since 2011 Autore opened a fascinating gallery in front of its Pearl Farm at Teluk Nara in North Lombok, the AUTORE Pearl Farm and Showroom where visitors are amazed to learn every aspect of the sensitive process of pearl cultivation blending a delicate balance of technology and nature.

Guests will have the opportunity to discover how the rare and beautiful South Sea pearls are produced. Knowledgeable guides will explain the intricate processes of modern cultured pearl farming – from how the oysters are seeded, the growing process, harvesting and grading the pearls, through to the end result – the stunning pearls on display in their showroom.

A truly captivating and unique experience and the only Pearl Farm that you can visit in Lombok; a must for anyone visiting the island.

Autore Showroom
Autore Pearl Farm Tours

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