Keep the waves in Lombok!

Keep the waves in Lombok

Watch our latest video dedicated to surfing and kitesurfing in Lombok.  Mike Rommelse, an Australian surf professional and multi-award winner says, that the best thing about Lombok is that there are waves for everyone and the island is much less crowded than other popular Indonesian surf regions.

Although the majority of advanced surfers come to Lombok to surf the one and only Desert Point on the south-west of the island, in early October Alicja and Cecco visited some other famous spots which Lombok is proud of – Kaliantan, Gerupuk, Mawi and Selong Belanak.

In the evening they tried out some popular clubs in Kuta to show you where you can meet friendly people, breaks enthusiats and have some fun.

Regardless of skill level, Lombok has a wide selection of waves offering great surfing for most of the year. If you combine this with the stunning beaches, glamorous sunsets and super friendly locals  – there is no better way to experience this than to come and try it out!

Feel the waves in Lombok and… go ahead!

Some places we visited:

  • Flow Surf Store in Kuta – is the islands first and only premium surf store opening in Kuta December 2017; don`t be surprised to meet Mike Rommelse here!
  • Kaliantan Kitesurf – the first licenced Kite School in Lombok operating in Kaliantan, East Lombok, since 2014 and setup by the founders of Ekas Breaks located in the nearby village of Ekas.
  • Jivana Resort – a new  luxury boutique resort, nestled close to the heart of vibrant Kuta Lombok. Jivana boasts the largest pool in south Lombok (320m2) featuring it’s own sandy beach which we really enjoyed!
  • Palate Cafe & Restaurant – the vibrant place in the heart of Kuta, near Pipe Dream Villas Resort. You can enjoy good food, delicious coctails, the pool and… live music! Rock your Palate!
  • Selong Belanak – A beautiful sheltered bay with small rolling straight hander waves perfect for the beginner surfer. You’ll find buffalo cruising the beach, soft white sand, and crystal clear turquoise water.
  • Mawi Beach – a quality, south coast, dry season break that works in all swell sizes, set in a beautiful west-facing bay. Consistent spot that attracts boats and land-based surfers from Kuta and Grupuk losmens when the SE blows strong.
  • Gerupuk – a small fishermen’s village located 7 km from Kuta Lombok. Gerupuk bay is one of the best spots for Surf Indonesia. It caters for surfers of all levels and has waves during the whole year.

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