Lombok Go Ahead – it’s time to launch our project!

it's time to launch our project

One meeting and all has been created! Contrary to media reports, the entire island of Lombok is not a disaster zone! We need to change the image of Lombok after the earthquakes and encourage tourists to come back to our Paradise.

The idea of “Lombok Go Ahead” created by Tomasz and Alicja from Scuba Froggy Dive Center, includes the video production taken in places which are open for visitors and activities available for everybody coming to our Paradise Island over the next months, even 3-4 weeks after earthquakes.

The guides will be two of our group members, who are living in Lombok: Alicja from Scuba Froggy and Cecco from Autore Pearls.

In 5 episodes we will present places worth visiting, even from our resident’s perspective.

This is how we perceive Lombok and what we recommend to do: chill-out time, yoga and spa (for those who love a laid-back holiday), diving & snorkeling (for marine life lovers), other water sports (for surfing, kitesurfing and SUP enthusiasts), outdoor activities (cycling, trekking and more!) and activities adequate for families with kids and teenagers.

On 8th September we will start the first shooting. Fingers crossed! 🙂

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